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Academy student’s work closely with NQT’s from the University of Chester to delve deeper into WW1 - 17/07/2018

On Tuesday 3rd July 2018, Year 8 students from University Academy Warrington worked with 12 Newly Qualified History Teachers from the University of Chester’s History PGCE programme in a series of workshops. The workshops, developed from painstaking research, explore how minorities with some connection to Cheshire and the North West region contributed and in some cases suffered during the events of the First World War. Students were getting to grips with complex primary evidence about these groups and building a picture up of their connection to and role in these key events. 

The workshops enriched the superb work that Year 8 students have been producing in relation to World War One. They were able to engage with a wonderful range of challenging primary sources, which allowed them to further develop their enquiry skills.

Dr Michael Bird, from the University of Chester, commented: “The pupils at UAW did the school proud by engaging in these extremely challenging workshops and it was wonderful to behold them working with this cutting edge historical material with such dedication and interest.”

Josh Hallam, a Year 8 student at the Academy, said: “I enjoyed the way we had to piece all of the sources together to find out what it was like in the prisoner of war camps.”

Olivia McQueeney, also a Year 8 student, added: “I liked using the primary sources to make connections about what happened during World War One.”