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Cyber Girls First - 21/05/2018

The purpose of the visit was to bring to life the GCSE work they can expect to complete on the history of Computer Science, cyber attacks and computer programming concepts. The event offered to girls at Key Stage 3 enables them to better understand hardware, software (Python), and cybersecurity and also learn about the wide range of careers available to them in the IT field. 

A large part of the day was spent meeting women and men in IT positions in Government and Business, including local companies in the North West whose senior people were keen to talk to girls about their career opportunities. Government and businesses are in desperate need of Coding and Cyber Skills, and the day was encouraging the girls to explore those careers and see if they were of interest to them. 

Mr Moore, year 9 Head of Learning, said: “The students got a real insight into the development of computer technology. It was fascinating to see the rapid advancement in technology up close.” 

Solav, a student at the Academy, said: “The best part of the trip was seeing all of the old computer equipment and how much it has changed since.”