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Academy students partake in ‘Happy Schools’ project - 14/03/2018

Year 8 students at University Academy Warrington have recently taken part in the 'Happy Schools' project at Culcheth High School, in Warrington. The event involved three days of training with Andy Cope, founder of 'the Art of brilliance'. Andy's expertise is in the field of training young people and adults on being more motivated in their day to day lives, and being more positive and proactive when they encounter difficult situations in life.


The Year 8 team looked at two extremes of people, '2%ers' and 'mood hoovers' and how their actions lead to affecting the mood of themselves and others around them. They also looked at their ambitions for the future, the steps they need to take to achieve their goals and how being a ‘2%er’ would affect their chances of achieving those ambitions.


Now that their training has finished, the team will be planning a series of events for students and staff, including contributing to PSHEE days, delivering assemblies, hosting RAK (random acts of kindness) events and delivering training to teaching staff.