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Students Commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day - 29/01/2018

From 22nd January, Academy students took part in a week of activities relating to the Holocaust, the event in which Hitler and his regime murdered around two-thirds of the Jewish population in Europe during the 1940’s. Holocaust Memorial Day, which falls on 27th January, is the perfect opportunity for young people to learn more about the Holocaust and its effect on many people’s lives while they are also encouraged to recognise the extent to which antisemitism still exists today. 

UAW were also delighted to welcome Mr Freddy Naftel, a Holocaust enrichment teacher, as a guest speaker. Mr Naftel gave a detailed and emotional talk on the history of the Holocaust and explained his personal connection to those involved. Students were then able to explore in more depth the persecution of the Jews and other groups during the Holocaust, as well as the events leading up to the atrocities carried out by the Nazis. Mr Naftel also discussed with students the nature of antisemitism in today’s world and gave examples of the ways that Jewish people can still experience prejudice and discrimination. 

The week of activities and research was carried out very respectfully by all students and the stories told by Mr Naftel seemed to really strike a chord with students and is an experience they will never forget.